Meet the executive

Interpretation Australia relies on the voluntary input of those members who join our Executive. Their actions ensure that the Association provides exciting events and resources for its members and takes advantages of new opportunities.

There are many different positions available on the Executive or as State Chapter Representatives. Office bearers are elected for a one-year term at the Annual General Meeting, held in conjunction with the Annual Conference.  Nominations for positions are called for approximately one month before the meeting.

The current Executive includes:

President:  Scott Killeen (
Vice President:  Jenny Gardner (
Treasurer:  Mikaela Jade (
Secretary:  Sue Olsson (

General Executive Members

Networking & Membership (Social & Chapter Reps): Kelee Hodge (

Webinars,Website and Resources: Kylie Christian (

Awards, Conferences and Sponsorship: Sarah Agterhuis (


Portfolio Managers


Male Jackson Taylor-Grant
Female Krystal Hurst
Iga Warta Review Coordination Cath Renwick


Managers Sue Olsson
Jenny Gardner
Team Sarah Burgess
Sarah Jordan
Miriam Fokker
Nicole Whitfield
Brian Leadbeatter


Managers Naias Mingo-Poch
Team John Pastorelli


WEB Melitta Marr


NETWORK Jacinta Hamilton




AWARDS Sarah Agterhuis


CONFERENCE 2017 Jody Steele


SPONSORSHIP Kylie Christian


GOA Rosemary Black